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Give your customers jazz-hands with the best swag

How Customer Success teams do it with ReWorks swag platform

Create VIP kits and swag boxes for key customers

  • Impress your customers with beautiful branded boxes
  • Kick-off relationships with awesome onboarding kits
  • Create fun, themed kits (like ones for new parents, pet lovers, etc)
  • Put artwork on both the inside and outside of your boxes
  • Our Merch experts can help you curate and build the perfect kit

Create personal connections with customers no matter where they are

  • Send swag directly to customers’ homes or offices, worldwide
  • Send customer gifts around holidays, renewals, and other milestones
  • Send personalized gift cards to make your customers feel appreciated
  • Get unique, high-end swag your customers will actually want
  • Reward your customers with easily scalable Giveaways

Send branded corporate gifts at scale

  • Upload a CSV of customers and addresses and we’ll ship everything out at once!
  • Create specific Giveaway campaigns for different customer audiences
  • Set user permissions to control who does what in your swag process

Need customer gift ideas? We have a whole team of experts dedicated for that

  • Planning a customer-centric event? Bring the best branded gear!
  • Show true customer appreciation – our Merch experts help you offer truly unique and fantastic swag

Ready to get started?

We make the sourcing, management, and distribution of swag incredibly easy.

Our swag management platform simplifies the buying, managing, and distribution of swag and branded merchandise.

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