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Score meetings, win deals,
and boost pipeline

How Sales teams use ReWorks swag platform to drive revenue

Get more discovery calls & meetings with prospects

  • Send swag directly to prospects’ homes in exchange for a call
  • Reps can also send swag to prospects via email using our 
Giveaway links
  • Target ABM prospects with VIP swag
  • Increase discovery calls by 20+% with a swag strategy
  • ReWorks Giveaways make it simple

Let reps request swag for in-person meetings

  • Create “stores” where reps can request swag and you can approve their orders
  • Our Merch experts can help you find the best items

Revive stalled deals and stand out from your competition

  • Gifting swag can help move deals through the funnel
  • Useful, unique branded gifts give you a competitive edge

Ready to get started?

We make the sourcing, management, and distribution of swag incredibly easy.

Our swag management platform simplifies the buying, managing, and distribution of swag and branded merchandise.

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