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Engage employees with swag they'll love

How HR and people teams benefit from ReWorks swag platform

Send swag to employees no matter where they are

  • Send swag directly to employees’ homes or drop ship to your offices
  • Reward employees for work anniversaries, promotions, and other milestones
  • Send personalized gift cards to make your staff feel loved
  • Get unique swag ideas that your employees will actually want
  • Reward your staff with awesome Giveaways!

Create easy-to-use company swag stores

  • Our intuitive swag stores let your employees request items they want
  • Then we handle all the shipping to them
  • You can also upload a CSV and we can send out items all at once

Show your people love with custom employee swag kits

  • Send beautiful branded boxes to celebrate onboarding, work anniversaries, and other awards
  • Create personal kits for employees who have become new parents or made other life changes
  • Create kits with sheets that share your company values along with personalized gift cards expressing your appreciation

For every people team goal, there's swag for that

  • Planning a fun company onsite? Bring some awesome branded gear!
  • Keep your company values front-and-center with desk and office items
  • Our Merch experts can help you come up with truly unique and fantastic ideas

Ready to get started?

We make the sourcing, management, and distribution of swag incredibly easy.

Our swag management platform simplifies the buying, managing, and distribution of swag and branded merchandise.

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