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How does ReWorks stack up against more established swag suppliers?

Discover the many kinds of swag businesses and what makes ReWorks unique.

Traditional promotional products distributors

These dated promotional product businesses conduct business as though it’s still the 1950s. They are simply “doing swag” manufacturers who are lacking vital components like storage and shipment. They offer very basic (just printing and shipping) and inexpensive services.

ReWorks is vastly different from these companies.

To a great extent, ReWorks is distinct from these businesses.
You may design the swag you want using our platform, and we’ll store it and send it on your behalf – to anyone, anywhere in the globe.

Custom t-shirt & swag websites

These have websites where you may create your own t-shirts and other simple goods like drinkware, albeit they aren’t any more sophisticated than conventional product sellers. There isn’t much customer support available.

In the end, all you’re really doing is having a box of shirts or mugs shipped to a party or your workplace.

You will need to pack and mail the stuff yourself if you want to run campaigns for prospects or clients.

Basic swag fulfillment vendors

These swag businesses produce the goods, store them, and manage simple shipment. But technology is still lacking. Typically, there isn’t an internet gateway where you can send out swag campaigns or monitor your inventory.
To get things done, you’ll need to communicate with your vendor frequently by phone and via a lot of emails. Some of these businesses are experts in retail space, food, gift cards, etc.

But these are not true swag experts.

Like we do, they don’t offer a seamless platform for managing all things swag.

Then there's ReWorks. At last, swag made easy

  • We provide you with a robust platform so you may manage your goods on your own. Create unique kits, have your brand and artwork printed on thousands of goods, and we’ll handle shipping to anybody or anywhere you like.
  • We support it with a committed Customer Success team that gives top tips for using swag more effectively and aids you in creating a strategic swag plan.
  • We deliver cutting-edge reporting and first-rate operations support. You gain real-time access to your inventory and can finally comprehend how much you spend and how much swag you use.
  • We assist with swag management and delivery at scale, saving you a tonne of time (and money).

Ready to get started?

We make the sourcing, management, and distribution of swag incredibly easy.

Our swag management platform simplifies the buying, managing, and distribution of swag and branded merchandise.

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